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    badsansspouse's profile

    badsansspouse Profile
    Profile views: 97959
    Fanbase: 2624

    About Me
    I'm Gabby, married (but not getting any) and always horny! I love men who love to get off, especially if they love getting off over MY pics! (AND YES, THE AVATAR PIC IS ACTUALLY ME SO IF YOU LIKE THE PREVIEW OF MY TITS HOPEFULLY YOU'LL LOVE THE REST OF MY BODY TOO!!)

    One note: I've had a couple of folks question whether they are all my pics or not because I look different in some of them size-wise...the answer is yes! I've been taking and posting pics of myself for years and have gone through some ups and down in weight over that time, so there are fluctuations in how my body looks especially my breasts as they seem to be where I gain and lose first!


    Big areola , Big asses , Bisexual MMF , Captions , Cheating spouse , Cuckquean , Cum tributes , Fat men , Forced , Gay men , Group sex/swingers , Lesbian kissing , Male masturbation , Nipples , Nudist , Old men , Strapon , Tits , Voyeur

    Website: http://www.newbienudes...
    Signed up: 8 years and 4 months ago
    Images viewed: 13552
    Images uploaded: 848

    Gender: Female
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Birth: 01/01/1977

    Location: United States

    Last Online: 4 hours ago

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    Status updates
    badsansspouse's profile
    Dec 24, 2018
    All these men with women who have no sex'd I get to be the woman with all the sex drive stuck with a man who has none?!?
    daves318's profile
    daves318 11 hours ago
    you wouldn't have this problem if I were
    cum master...

    dodgeramit's profile
    dodgeramit 6 days ago
    You no I can help you out with that right ?

    allaccess's profile
    allaccess 11 Jan, 2019
    I hear your girl... I want to play all the time, my wife is a sleeper. I love morning sex and recently we bought a nice pocket pussy for me (kinda sad) so i can start my day right!

    Bullbags's profile
    Bullbags 10 Jan, 2019
    My wife and I find it incomprehensible! There must be a deeper problem...!?

    PeteAyers's profile
    PeteAyers 27 Dec, 2018
    How is it possible for any man not to have the raging horn seeing you?

    xtremeranger4321's profile
    xtremeranger4321 26 Dec, 2018
    beats the fuck outta me. my woman has ZERO sex drive. im lucky to force it out of her more than once a month.....

    Dadd1000's profile
    Dadd1000 24 Dec, 2018
    Who knows...he might get some of his own back if you came out and told him how turned on you'd be if he fucked another woman!

    crimson0311's profile
    crimson0311 24 Dec, 2018
    That body of your should bring back anyones sex drive mmm you are so hot

    lovestockingfeet's profile
    lovestockingfeet 24 Dec, 2018
    Wish I could help you out. I would give you all the sex you wanted.

    badsansspouse's profile
    Aug 11, 2018
    Given the choice...would you fuck me or your wife right now? (Please be honest and describe why too)
    baptist4861's profile
    baptist4861 12 Jan, 2019
    Right now? If I had one, my wife; only because she is handy. If you both here--then you, finding an excuse to take you somewhere you need go.

    Krispy2182's profile
    Krispy2182 6 Jan, 2019
    I would have my wife eat you as you blow me.

    JL3151's profile
    JL3151 27 Dec, 2018
    I do not have a wife and I would fuck senseless

    AstroMan667's profile
    AstroMan667 23 Dec, 2018
    My wife has not been interested in sexin ages, and you have an amazong body. I would fuck you in a heartbeat

    Bi-Burk's profile
    Bi-Burk 22 Dec, 2018
    you cause my wife has zero sex drive

    galigali's profile
    galigali 12 Dec, 2018
    wow, i'm alone, i would fuck you all the time

    VanillaDick's profile
    VanillaDick 6 Dec, 2018
    Thx badgirl!

    tittle444's profile
    tittle444 5 Dec, 2018
    I would fuck you while I watch someone fuck her

    KinkyBoobGuy's profile
    KinkyBoobGuy 2 Dec, 2018
    You 100% you have amazing breasts a nice hairy pussy and seem very kinky

    Dohjohn78's profile
    Dohjohn78 30 Nov, 2018

    pot456's profile
    pot456 27 Nov, 2018
    I would feed off your udders forever and never stop.

    msldta's profile
    msldta 20 Nov, 2018
    you because as you know its better to have sex with someone who wants to have sex then someone who never does

    sexyfrenchy's profile
    sexyfrenchy 17 Nov, 2018
    I would fuck you because of these boobs

    JL3151's profile
    JL3151 12 Nov, 2018
    I have no wife. I love a woman with a bit of meat on her bones and is comfortable with it, I would have to start at your toes and work my way up!

    hbomber1969's profile
    hbomber1969 12 Nov, 2018
    you for sure,fuucking my wife is liek fucking an ice cube.i could imagin my face deep inside them delicious tits as i fuck your wet cunt

    canukrocker's profile
    canukrocker 12 Nov, 2018
    I would definitely be fucking you right now but I'd want to make her watch. First I'd want you to ride me so I could look at that amazing body. Then I'd flip you over fucking you from behind hard and deep feeling my balls getting wet from your pussy juice. Pull out and cum all over your ass and make my wife lick it off

    ryanstone1982's profile
    ryanstone1982 12 Nov, 2018
    Of course you. I would fuck you every way possible. Your tots barely in my mouth as a pound you making you cum all
    Over my cock. I look at pics of you before I fuck my wife. I just wish I could see your face

    Taragoola's profile
    Taragoola 11 Nov, 2018
    Definitely you. You're a bit chubbier than my wife. Which is hot as fuck.

    Bikerbill's profile
    Bikerbill 10 Nov, 2018
    I want to fuck your hot sexy body you make a man want tocum deep and hard in your body

    glycon's profile
    glycon 1 Nov, 2018
    You. Because i have done it.

    badsansspouse's profile
    badsansspouse 17 Oct, 2018
    Mmm you all know what you want and I like the way you think! ;)

    adultmediasolutions's profile
    adultmediasolutions 16 Oct, 2018
    You because you have such a horny mind and those gorgeous tits mmmm

    818weedsmokeR's profile
    818weedsmokeR 16 Oct, 2018
    Gabby you have some of the best tits on imagefap

    navarone69's profile
    navarone69 15 Oct, 2018
    I would give you a good fucking suck on your BIG titties and make my wife watch

    lovecurves10's profile
    lovecurves10 11 Oct, 2018
    I'd take you both. Couldn't resist two gorgeous big breasted curvy women. But first I'd tie her down on the bed, and have you straddle her face so she can get an up close and personal view of my cock sliding into you. Then, once I filled you, I'd fuck her while you sat on her face and made her clean you up.

    cumeater151's profile
    cumeater151 8 Oct, 2018
    whore, reply to comments

    time2go55's profile
    time2go55 7 Oct, 2018
    Hands down you. What an amazing and sexy full figure you have. I honestly would not know where to start. Her little breasts are no match to yours. And her small ass can not compete with your beautiful round ass.

    rider618's profile
    rider618 3 Oct, 2018
    With out a doubt you, the thought of your tits in my face and my hands on your ass is a dream come true

    time2go55's profile
    time2go55 1 Oct, 2018
    Hands down you dear.

    wilvelas's profile
    wilvelas 18 Sep, 2018
    As long as I get to use every hole, I'll pick you ;)

    heyhun84's profile
    heyhun84 10 Sep, 2018
    You because my wife is always out of town and tired when she gets home

    spankingjosh's profile
    spankingjosh 4 Sep, 2018
    fuck you so many times more than her

    chobeman's profile
    chobeman 4 Sep, 2018
    love to spunk all over those tits and see you lick it off

    BBWsCuckold's profile
    BBWsCuckold 28 Aug, 2018
    I don't get much from my wife any more, so you better believe I'd be all over your big soft tits and sexy, delicious curves!

    charstrang90's profile
    charstrang90 25 Aug, 2018
    I'd fuck you with my wife in the next room, hard a rough making you moan all night ... waiting for my wife to come through and catch us... watch us.
    Your sexy tits make you irresistible!

    Sexlover95's profile
    Sexlover95 21 Aug, 2018
    Definitely you, because your tits are bigger than hers by a good bit and you sound a lot hornier than she ever will be!

    SuzyCochonne's profile
    SuzyCochonne 20 Aug, 2018
    Delicious Tits!

    rockhard247's profile
    rockhard247 15 Aug, 2018
    I'd fuck you first, then bring home the video and make her watch it, get her pussy wet, then creampie it just like yours

    badsansspouse's profile
    badsansspouse 14 Aug, 2018
    Mikicus now THAT is about as hot as it gets! I bet she would protest and act all mad but her pussy would actually be soaking wet

    mikicus's profile
    mikicus 14 Aug, 2018
    I would totally fuck you because I just want to. I would tie my wife up and make her watch as you and I enjoyed each other’s bodies.

    Disago's profile
    Disago 13 Aug, 2018
    humm good question,, seeing my wife is bi she may wanna joine

    pinkbox1's profile
    pinkbox1 13 Aug, 2018
    I think you know the answer to this - You're a magnet for hard cocks babe ;)

    ak5114's profile
    ak5114 12 Aug, 2018
    You! First cause your hot body
    And huge tits!
    Second, going through divorce
    And and haven’t had sex since

    dodgeramit's profile
    dodgeramit 11 Aug, 2018
    No wife but if i did you all ready no the answer , I have told you what the thought of my cock between your tits do to me ya i would cover you in a massive load of my seed !

    Hard_N_LiL_Left's profile
    Hard_N_LiL_Left 11 Aug, 2018
    I would fuck you because your body has great curves and you just have that sexy swagger that some women have and she does not...

    cutemilflover's profile
    cutemilflover 11 Aug, 2018
    I dont have a wife but your sexy body makes my young cock hard as a rock your beautiful round big tits drive me crazy

    lovestockingfeet's profile
    lovestockingfeet 11 Aug, 2018
    I would fuck you. Your tits are bigger and I want to watch them flop around as my cock pounds your pussy


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    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight

    Comments (44) (See All Comments)
    redwolf121990's profile
    Comments: 1567
    Commented on Jan 24, 2019
    "Wish this was my view every night. ;)"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    Mmmm me too babe

    redwolf121990 | Jan 24, 2019
    Not sure if I'd want to feel your tits with my hands or suck on those nips while I'm pounding your sopping wet pussy. ;)

    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    Who is making you choose?

    redwolf121990 | Jan 24, 2019
    I want to give each option it's full and through do.

    dodgeramit's profile
    Comments: 6238
    Commented on Jan 23, 2019
    "Oh Baby cum live with me and i will keep them titty`s swinging Day and Night !"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    Mama needs her beauty rest, you might have to just jerk off on them in the night once in a while while I sleep

    dodgeramit | Jan 24, 2019
    As long as you dont mind waking up covered in cum that work`s just fine for me !

    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019

    dodgeramit's profile
    Comments: 6238
    Commented on Jan 23, 2019
    "Oh Fuck Girl you are killing me I am about to start a fire from the friction of whacking my wood and only your cum can but this fire out !"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    I'm not aiming to put it out I'm aiming to flame it higher!!

    dodgeramit | Jan 24, 2019
    Darling my Ball`s are twice the size of normal if you were on my cock when i cum I may shoot you clean across the room !

    dodgeramit's profile
    Comments: 6238
    Commented on Jan 23, 2019
    "I cam imagine this is the view I would have as you ride me your sloppy wet pussy on my rock hard cock them titty`s swinging and there it is I have filled you with cum !"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    Any view created by your body and mine fucking rhythmically is a good one!

    dodgeramit | Jan 24, 2019
    Yes it is Darling , Yes it is !

    dodgeramit's profile
    Comments: 6238
    Commented on Jan 23, 2019
    "I would suck on them in tell they were black and blue !"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    Marking your territory, I see, you want them all to yourself!

    dodgeramit | Jan 24, 2019
    Dose a man share his gold ?

    dodgeramit's profile
    Comments: 6238
    Commented on Jan 23, 2019
    "Swing them Titty`s Baby , swing them !"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    Fuck me and make 'em swing yourself!

    dodgeramit | Jan 24, 2019
    I will make them big titty`s swing out of control !

    dodgeramit's profile
    Comments: 6238
    Commented on Jan 23, 2019
    "I would do any thing to be able to put this hard cock between your massive mound`s and to watch you lick my load from them !"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    Someday I'll figure out how to make this happen!

    dodgeramit | Jan 24, 2019
    Oh darling girl that would be amazing !

    dodgeramit's profile
    Comments: 6238
    Commented on Jan 23, 2019
    "Damn Girl You , me and a mirror = you covered in my Jizz !"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    A perfect image for sure!

    dodgeramit's profile
    Comments: 6238
    Commented on Jan 23, 2019
    "O.M.G. Woman I have told you many times I love your Big Titty`s but this 1 will have me stroking for day`s Lord woman what have you done to me ?"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    My job! ;)

    dodgeramit | Jan 24, 2019
    Good answer girl Damn good answer !

    Hard_N_LiL_Left's profile
    Comments: 7937
    Commented on Jan 23, 2019
    "i have imagined this image many times while conversing with is what i picture when i think about you riding me and bouncing on my cock as i fumble with your tits and stretch to latch onto one of those nipples and suck it like crazy"
    badsansspouse | Jan 24, 2019
    OMG you are so fucking hot, what a picture you paint and now I, picturing it right there with you (if only I could ACTUALLY be right there with you...)

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